Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Reaper Miniatures are taking more of my money...

Reaper Miniatures want my money again...

Last summer, after attending Gencon in Indianapolis, being introduced to the world of the Pathfinder RPG, and deciding that was a hobby I wanted to get into, I stumbled onto the first Reaper Miniatures Bones kickstarter. 

Three days before the end of the kickstarter I decided to go whole hog and pledge for the $100 Vampire package. For the following three days I lounged in the basement of my brother's house reading the constant stream of emails coming in, watching my number of miniatures rise. In this space of time those $100 went from paying for 100 miniatures to over 250.

Thus, as soon as I saw Bones II, I knew I would be pledging. I can only recommend this. Yes, it will take a year for them to be made. My miniatures from last year only arrived about a month ago. They are sat on my desk in England while I sit here in the Czech Republic with no modelling equipment. But they are of excellent quality, excellent price, and will give you endless hours of fun.

Next on the list: find a way to have my paints, brushes, cutting board, knives make their way over to the Czech Republic.