Monday, 30 October 2017

Scum for the Starports.

Nez Zorento and Chester Avila.Just two guys who will probably bump into Flint Church on his travels. Or will he?

Friday, 27 October 2017

6mm Sci Fi Civilians for Starport Scum

My starports need more scum. As such, I have finally gotten around to finishing up a selection of CinC civilians.  

Above we can see a respectable businessman, two engineers/mechanics and someone who is supposed to be wearing some sort of high-visibility vest. All will be useful. 

Above are four lovely ladies, all wearing an assortment of clothes. Again, mainly just random people to get caught in the crossfire or to be protected.

Last but not least we have a few stands of Collective infantry. Not completely finished yet, but on the way. I have 8 stands, which equate to either 8 infantry elements for Horizon Wars, or two units or something like that for Laserstorm. I need to go out any buy some more boxes to store said miniatures though. I started painting them with a dark olive colour, but it was taking so long, I decided to water it down, which was amazing. I then applied a light green quite randomly, to imply some kind of personalized camouflage. Washed with Agragax Earthshade or whatever it is from Citadel (which I also managed to spill, so a trip will be needed to the shop). I am pleased to finally have some actual Collective infantry, considering how much I dislike the other few stands I thought might be used for them, then decided against that.