Saturday, 28 February 2015

I feel it in my bones!

I returned home yesterday evening after having a pretty intense week at school. I feel my teaching is improving, I have a job interview for a position in September, and I am very tired.

Waiting for me on the floor was a note from the postman saying I owed customs money (which I was expecting) and I had to go down to the distribution office to collect the package. Looking at my watch, I saw it was 16.50...Distrubution office closes at 19.00, it is next to a bridge that is partially closed, and is a vital commuter route in and out of the city, and right now it is rush hour. 

The decision was made to eat my dinner, and just before 18.00 I left, phone almost dead, note and wallet in hand to go and pay the money. Unfortunately I have never had to go to this particular place. I knew it was just before the bridge into town, so upon seeing the bridge, I turned right. There were too many houses for this to be an industrial estate. I pulled over, turned the GPS on on my dying phone to find out I had turned off for the wrong bridge: one over the railway, before the one into town. 

Upon completing a 20 point turn I returned to the main road to find I couldn't turn back onto it. Panicking a little, I crossed the main road, and turned around at the first opportunity. Back on the main road, I went over the railway, silently cursing my stupidity. Nervous, I saw the bridge (the real one) approaching and turned right again...into a cul-de-sac of trendy waterfront apartments. Turning around, again, I made my way to the main road, and took the next right turning...again another turning too early! Frustrated, I parked my car and walked around the corner into the industrial estate, only to find that the distribution office is right at the end.

Eventually, at 18.30 I walked in, pulled out my wallet and card, only to be told "we only accept cash. There is a cash machine at the garage over the bridge". Running to my car, I realised how unfit I am. Sweating, I pulled away, made my way across the bridge and found the garage. Card inserted. Buttons pushed. A strange timer. "We were unable to process your request". More curses. Another attempt. Same result. It is 18.40. Where is there a cash machine? Bitterne, just up the road. Fighting through the bridge traffic, I headed over to Bitterne, pulled in behind the gym, ran to the bank, withdrew some cash and got back in my car. Then it hit me, I can't get back onto the main road from where I am. I decided to just head in the general direction and hope for the best. Well the best happened and I ended up on the same road where I had to turn around earlier.

I walked in the doors at 18.58 and picket up my package. The staff had their coats on and were about to leave. 

The box seems smaller than Bones 1, but I love it. Lots of lovely miniatures to start painting. With my time being very limited, I think I will be spending any spare model time painting these guys. I can't wait to start.

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