Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sci Fi Dwellings rolling off the bench.

Work has begun on my 6mm sci fi project. I have found the time this week to have three modelling sessions. This post will showcase some of the fruits of those sessions.

Below are three dwellings. I was inspired by the Lars homestead on Tatooine, but did not want to commit to a desert planet. The buildings are just the screw caps of baby food pouches, separated and made to look like living quarters and a chimney of some kind. I think the chimney will actually be a kind of solar power generator or something. Also to keep things generic I based them on grey rock. I feel like they need more details, like doors and such, but that can come later. I would happily put these on a table as they are.

My aquarium plants are giant trees. I am basing them on various bases that I got in my Reaper Bones kickstarter. I can probably use these with other scales too. You can also just see some of my infantry. Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery before I could take pictures of them. I will charge it tonight and take some shots tomorrow.


  1. These look intriguing! Looking forward to seeing these progress.

    1. 6mm feels a lot less daunting than larger scales. I am looking at my teaching workload, but feel I could easily set aside 2 hours on Friday night to paint up the remaining 20 infantry I have. Whereas in 20mm it would take me multiple painting sessions to complete 20 infantry. Realistically it means I could probably complete three different armies by Christmas to fight with.

    2. And also complete a whole bunch of terrain to throw onto the table. You can just see in the background a stack of logs. Just some scatter terrain.