Saturday, 5 January 2019

Return of the Mojo: Stuff on the bench

Two weeks of paternity leave, a week of "end of term" teaching, plus another two weeks of Christmas holiday. It sounds like the perfect time to be productive in the hobby. Last time I had paternity leave I made great strides with my computer gaming. This time, I tried something similar, tried to paint something, but generally have had almost no motivation. After griping about it on The Wargames Website, I decided to actually do something about it, read the responses, and see if I could paint something.

Tonight was the night! I managed to finish my Xenos and Colonial Marines (ultimate badasses). I also did some re-painting and flocked a couple of fields. It felt good to get momentum going again.

The grey vehicles have been disastrously painted police vehicles that have been sitting around for over a year. I just went over them in an effort to restart. Now to Pintrest to find ideas for sleek looking sci-fi police. The blue MLRS has been sat around for the same amount of time. I will just finish it this month.

Xenos and Colonial Marines. Looking forward to getting these into a game. Urge to build indoor terrain rising. Need to buy copious amounts of granny grate.

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