Sunday, 29 September 2019

I finished up some US reinforcements this weekend. Time to use these to diversify my 6mm gaming capabilities.

Here we have three of my nine M4 Shermans. These are just regular old M4s with the 75mm cannon. I am happy to have these and cannot wait to get them onto the table this week.

 The convoy. Having these M3 Halftracks with infantry and without mean I can use them for various things. Annoyingly one of the full halftracks has some scratched helmets so needs to be repaired and isn't pictured here.

M8 Greyhounds. I think these are gorgeous vehicles and one of my favourite units in the computer game Company of Heroes. They were the base of my learner US build (four rifle squads followed by an M8) a few years back when I was playing that game. I look forward to pitting one of these against a Tiger II to see if he can sneak up behind and pop a few shots into the back plate.

M5 Stuarts. I have some scenarios that require these tanks, and I have been interested in them for a while. I remember using these in the computer game Sudden Strike 2 to great effect. I also recently used them (or M3 Stuarts) in Blitzkrieg 2, to a less successful degree.

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