Thursday, 2 January 2020

Another 2019 review post.

I haven't touched a paint brush, glue, flocking materials, my bag of dice, etc since September. But if I am being honest with myself I am incredibly pleased with how this year has gone in terms of hobbies. 

Finally, after much hesitation, procrastination and lack of inspiration my 6mm WW2 project took legs and came into its own. I actually played some games. I don't even remember the last time I managed to play a WW2 wargame. Not since doing a couple of solo Flying Lead games back at Christmas 2014 I think. Wow, five years. That is some time. I really committed to the 6mm sci fi scene since then. 

So here we go, a break down of the year:

Let's start with the past three months. I have had a great time not spending money on miniatures, feeling much more secure in my profession, growing together with my family and spending my hobby time playing come old favourites on the computer, namely Diablo 3 and Northgard. I love them so much. I was also tempted to give Starcraft 2 another go, but still don't really want to. This has been a really cool period though, just relaxing and taking a step back.


Then comes my WW2 project. I am incredibly pleased with progress in this department. I just cannot believe how long I have wasted with a lack of roads and terrain holding me back. My US forces are looking good, I managed to create some new basing flock to make them look less cartoony, and changed the size of bases to a standard 1p coin and 1 Euro cent coin for all infantry units. Tanks and cannon are mainly on 2p bases, while some smaller vehicles are on 1p bases. Although I only played two games, and these were small and in August, I intend to play with them more. Coming up with scenarios that are interesting to myself seems to be the largest problem.

There is something about the M8 Greyhound that I just love. These are my favourite.

6mm Sci Fi has taken a pause of late, but was going strong in the first half of the year. I got some armies together for my Activities Week event and have essentially not touched any of it since. Here are some highlights:

Watching The Mandalorian has inspired me to continue my 6mm RPG lite campaign. I am hoping to get onto this ASAP. I have three days left of the Christmas break and I must be honest when I say I doubt I will get onto anything in that time. I am too into Diablo 3 right now. However, when school starts back up and my bedtime routine gets back to normal, and I spend hours of the work day in front of a computer then I won't want to be gaming most evenings.

This terrain feature was also a personal highlight for me. I loved creating it. I cannot wait to finish it off.

Misc. I played Terraforming Mars the other day. It was outstanding. I wish I could play more boardgames. During the first half of the year I managed to play in a monthly games night but it ended up petering out into me playing a couple of games with my friend's children once per month and has since become nothing again.

What is up for 2020?
1. I want to finish the modular industrial complex. This is a must.
2. On Saturday I will be purchasing a child's toy that looks like it has huge potential as a modular interior complex, with part of it being very reminiscent of this.

3. Attend a boardgame group on a semi regular basis. I am stopping attending Slimming World and as such I am gaining a week night on which I can maybe attend a group.
4. Finish my German armour.
5. Paint and base a new platoon of German infantry.
6. Repair damaged infantry and vehicles, who took their damage in the line of duty during Activities Week.

I don't have a huge amount that I want to get done. I think playing more is a general theme for this coming year though. Less time model making, more time actually playing. I would ideally like to play a game per week, but I will settle for two per month as it goes. We will see where we are each half term holiday.

Have a good year.

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