Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Finished German Armour

Well, after a week of experimenting with a Humbrol Matt varnish spray on old models from my childhood, I felt confident enough to varnish these panzers and then dirty them up. My basic dirt is a layer of Humbrol matt 84, I think it is a sand colour. I then follow that with a layer of matt 29, a mud colour. I concentrate the second layer mainly on the wheels. Having not done this in a long time, I am still getting used to the quantities of paint to use. One day I might start using weathering powders...

Here are my Panzer 38(t)s. I am very pleased with them. I have a shortage of tank commanders right now, so they remain partially finished, and will remain so for a while. But this doesn't mean I can't use them.

Here are my Panzer IIIs. They are Armourfast models. I am not that excited about Armourfast after having built these, but they will do. I only wanted a couple as my army will be mainly Panzer IIs.

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