Friday, 18 January 2013

From back in the Day.

At the moment, alongside painting up my soldiers, I am trying to decide how best to tackle the painting of my vehicles. I paint in enamel. I dabbled with acrylics when customizing my Star Wars Miniatures, but still feel more comfortable with enamels. This is proving a bit problematic with a couple of things. I may post about them later. But it means I am not finishing any vehicles any time soon.

As part of my clear out, the one that led to my getting back into modelling, I consolidated a lot of our soldiers into plastic containers. While I figure out what to do about my vehicles, I have decided to just paint up a whole bunch of the men. They have been lying around for over ten years, so why not!

Those commandos need a desperate repaint. They are next on the list.


  1. Wow! That's a lot of work to be done! Remember to have fun with them.

    Also, I'd recommend either using enamel sprays (Tamiya or Testor for example), or to go all out and buy an airbrush, for your vehicles. Not that your's look bad, but it's a lot less painstakingly long and hard to paint when you spray them (rather than brush paint them).


    1. I do have access to an air brush, and will be trying it out this week. But my problem lies with applying decals. I don't like mixing enamel and acrylic products, but an acquaintance of mine showed me a great way of hiding the edges of the decals using a gloss and then a matt coat of something over the top. But he used acrylic, Citadel products for it. So I bought the Humbrol enamel friendly Gloss-cote and Matt-cote. But the Matt-cote isn't very matt. So now I am stuck.

    2. Sorry, as you can see on my models, I am definetly no good at decals. To me I dump them in water, put a little bit of glue, and stick them their. Very primitive.

      Good luck on finding a solution!