Thursday, 3 January 2013

Things on the bench.

Happy new year guys, I have a few things going on, but no complete projects to speak of. The first thing to show is my Christmas haul. 

This was a present to myself. I have always wanted to get a Comet, so finally took the plunge. The Sherman Crab was something I thought would be fun to make, more so than just a boring old tank. The Chi Ha was on offer, this will go well with my other Chi Ha and five painted Japanese Infantry. 

Below is the Matchbox Puma I build when I was about 10 years old. Half of the decals have fallen off, the paint job was unfinished, and that one wheel was glued on backwards. The rest were painted black, back when I thought tires were black! I felt it needed to be finished off. I repainted it, painted the tires, changed the wheel round and changed the camo pattern.

 I am hesitant to put decals on right now. An acquaintance of mine showed me a method of application, where you paint a gloss on, apply the decal, gloss over again, then a matt varnish. This is meant to hide the fact that it is a decal. I haven't got any gloss though, so am waiting for that. I have a bunch of vehicles waiting for this treatment.

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