Sunday, 3 February 2013


I have been volunteering in a school for the past few weeks. Combine that with my evening shifts at work, and other commitments, and I am lucky to get a coat of paint on a few men each day. As such, I have a bunch of almost finished projects waiting to be completed. They are:

Airfix Japanese Infantry. I just need to decide what sort of flock or sand to use on their bases.
Airfix British Commandos. Shaded and waiting to be sprayed with matt varnish, then based.
My remaining SHQ German Infantry & PSC British Infantry. Semi painted.
3 PSC 76mm Shermans. Various degrees of completion.
Airfix LTV 4. Semi built.
Revell Comet. Waiting to complete my camo net experiments, so I can put some on this tank.

Then, today, while waiting for my men to dry, I decided to try and sort out some of my stuff. I found these in a box:

I will be claiming them for myself. The Bofors gun will be for my ETO forces. Monty's Caravan will be glued together, but I won't paint it until I decide what to do with it...


  1. Great kits you have there, simple and quality builds. You can trust me, I built them both a month or so ago!


    1. The Bofors Tractor needed some work doing on its partially built chassis. I had to repair the work of the impatience of 12-year-old brother.