Friday, 24 May 2013

Finished Achilles

Oh hi, guys! Long time, no blog. I have been just busy with other things, and my most recent projects have been somewhat neglected. After a few weeks of inaction, I made some progress yesterday, which included finally finishing my Achilles, a Sherman 76, and almost completing some German infantry.

The Sherman is from PSC. I lost the tank commander figure, so decided to make this one with a closed hatch, and pretty much no frills. I am still pleased with it. The decals are from a set of Skytrex allied stars that I picked up at Salute.

Now I look at it, I think I need to something more with the gun barrel on the Achilles. Maybe some kill stripes, or the camo pattern that hides its length. The decals are from the Airfix Cromwell model. One of these days I will put more markings on my vehicles, but at the moment I want them to be fairly generic.

I am very pleased with how the additional stowage turned out. I am happy with my drybrushing, and find it much more convincing than my previous, un-blogged efforts. One day I may post them, for a laugh.

The shells are the ends of cocktail sticks, super-glued in. As far as I am concerned, they will do. I have neither the patience, nor skill to try and make anything more intricate. Eventually I will find some figures that make a suitable crew. But until then, I am not phased by having an empty open turret.


  1. Nice tanks, cocktail sticks work to!...Just bought some PSC vehicles this will encourage me to get on with them

    1. Thanks! The PSC models go together really quickly, and then you can have the most fun painting them up however you want. Also, welcome to the blog.