Thursday, 11 July 2013


A few things have changed since my last entry. One thing which hasn't changed is my finished projects. I haven't done much on the modelling scene in a couple of weeks.My working situation for the past few months has been stable, but with crazy shifts. I was working in an industry that required me to mostly work weekends and evenings. I also have other commitments on the other evenings. So basically I found myself with my days mostly free, and my evenings taken up with work and other important things. 

Grateful as I was to have a job, I was looking for a better opportunity, and something that could enable me to work 9-5 and lead a semi normal social life. As such, I have been applying to a lot of jobs, hoping to advance my career. Consequently I have been finding it increasingly more difficult to justify modelling (also playing computer games) during the daytime. 

I got a break, in that I have been offered a role in a company that will enable me to work more traditional hours. The role, however, is based in the Czech Republic...

I only plan on taking one item of hold luggage, a carry on, and a Ukelele with me. I doubt I will be able to find space in my bags for any modelling parafernalia. Alas, this means my blog will slow down quite significantly over the coming months while my future remains a bit uncertain. Will I move permanently? Will I end up in Germany? Will I end up back in the London office? I don't know. But until it is more clear, I will not be doing much by way of model making. 

This may all change though, if I find people to play with in Czech. I may do some AARs. That may lead me to collect some of my armies from the UK and take them over. Who knows?

But while it is still all in the air, I will say "see you later."

I won't be gone forever though. 

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