Thursday, 27 June 2013

Boys and Old Men

Almost a year ago I mistakenly bought some Volksturm thinking they were Volksgrenadiere. I decided I would paint them up and just keep them in a box just in case I ever needed them. On a whim I took a dozen to see what would happen if I based them and shaded them without bothering to touch them up at all. It seems to have worked well. I am not sure of the make of the men. There are definitely two brands here, and I would guess at SHQ and Skytrex. But I can't be certain.

My infantry painting is only held up by my lack of pennies on which to base them. I use any cheap brand of wall crack filler to attach the figure, I then sprinkled cat litter on these bases to look like the rubble of Berlin.


  1. Very nice looking troops!

    1. Thanks! I have another 20 or so to finish up later.