Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Anti-Shine purchased. Troops finished.

I have been adding to this mass of infantry for a couple of months now. I ran out of matt varnish spray a while ago, and have not had time to replenish my supplies. So I would complete soldiers, quick-shade them, and put them in my "to be sprayed" box. I picked some spray up this morning, and can finally post what I have been working on.

It is infantry galore. Germans, all of the PSC variety. Support weapons too! Support weapons were where I was woefully lacking.

Here is my first MG42 team. I have two more to make, as I only put together one sprue of support weapons. It is a monstrous looking weapon.

Here is my 120mm mortar. What a beast.

An 80mm mortar team. This is more likely to actually find itself onto the table.

A tank hunter team. It isn't my favourite pose, although I like the loader.

I love the pose of the Panzerschreck carrier.

Some infantry advancing cautiously past a field.

A squad of infantry.

Some Panzerfausts.

Looking forward to putting together the rest of my Germans. Heaven knows I need more.

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  1. A nice bunch of troops - the big mortar is a beast indeed!