Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Revell Brits.

As a youth, in my hunt for more British soldiers to bolster my forces, I picked up the Revell set. I can't remember if they ever saw action, but they certainly felt my love. I found them so much better than the Esci set. My love for Brits over Americans has remained, and I am really enjoying painting them up. I find they go go fairly well with my PSC Brits (more pictures to follow), and have given me enough to probably field two under-strength platoons.


  1. Great work, this is also one of my favorite sets. I love the detail and poses given by Revell in this set.

    1. My only issues with this set are the stunted Sten magazines, and the standard, floppy plastic. But the plastic is still better then that of Airfix and ESCI.