Thursday, 1 May 2014

Last PSC Germans in action.

Aside from a couple of almost finished mortar and MMG teams, I have finished my PSC Germans. Oh, and some LMG teams in firing positions need to be painted. But apart from those, I am done. I have some Fallschirmjäger to paint, along with some Pioneers, but they will require different colours. No more boring Feldgrau.

I thought I would post some pictures of some of the latest batch of infantry, who have been completed with my latest, and probably final basing method.

Here is a Panzerschreck team getting into position...

...ready to ambush some filthy Reds.

The NCO and grenade-thrower are figures I had actively avoided painting. I don't know why. But they will prove useful in the upcoming struggles against for the Fatherland.


  1. Smashing stuff, well done! My first PSC German squad should be ready next week some time....Hopefully I shall have a go at makinging a few of your hedgerows to go with them. :)

    1. Yours really put mine to shame. Painting Germans is no fun for me. I can handle other nations, just not Germany.