Saturday, 3 May 2014

Upcoming Bolt Action Game.

Tonight I started setting up a game of Bolt Action to play with myself. I decided my bed is big enough to fit a 5x4 table comfortably on it. However, after choosing forces (wow, German Panzerschreck is expensive!), I realised I have forgotten how to play. Thus, I have taken a photo of my set up, so I can put it back together during the day next week again. I am excited for this.

I have decided to have only two objectives, the farmhouse and the burning Sherman, leftover from a previous failed advance. 

My forces are roughly 830 points. The Germans are all Regular. I have:

1x Oberleutnant + SMG armed runner.
3x Heer Squads of 10 men each.
1x MMG team.
1x Panzerschreck team.
1x Panzer IV.

The Brits facing off against them are all regular too, and consist of:

1x First Lieutenant and Runner.
3x Infantry Squads with 10 men each.
2x 2'' Mortar teams.
1x PIAT team.
1x MMG team.
1x Cromwell.

The British have more order dice, but their stuff tends to be more fragile. I guess we will see what will happen, probably on Wednesday.

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  1. Excellent stuff! You are ahead of me but we seem to be following the same path with Bolt Action! :)