Thursday, 12 June 2014

Where am I?

Hi guys. I just thought I would let you know where I have been for the last month! I have not managed to get a whole lot of modelling done, apart from grinding out hedges and roads. Then two weeks ago I began a French course which requires me to live in Bristol Monday to Friday. The weekend are then spent finding a flat for myself and fiance, planning the wedding, going on dates. As such I am left with very little time for making anything. I do plan on bringing a couple of things up to Bristol to keep me going, but am passing my time studying.

It seems to be what I do: model in winter, disappear in summer. Although beginning in September, I will be doing a PGCE, so will have even less time to model. I will be lucky to get a night in every fortnight. 

I do still intend on wargaming, and completing projects. So stick around.

1 comment:

  1. Very similar to my experience. My posts on my various blogs have slowed to a trickle at the moment, and the sunnier it gets the more my other hobbies call me (I am very much a 'summer airsoft' for example). Then there's the World Cup! :)