Saturday, 22 November 2014

I vaguely remember starting a village...

Today I cleared off the table. I organised the piles of paper that were cluttering it up, organised my folders full of evidence that I have met the teaching standards, and found the time for some relaxation.

In moments of spare time/boredom I have been sketching designs for various buildings. I decided to dust off my tools and start making one. Here is what I have gotten so far.

It is a little rough right now, but I plan on spending much of my modelling time making it look great. I want to up my game with buildings, and just modelling in general.

My to do list for this one:

  • Lintels made from match sticks.
  • Shutters from something.
  • Doors.
  • Wall texture with wall filler. I want to try this over bird sand.
  • Roof using some sort of tiles texture. 
  • Base of hardboard, with a little garden. 
I might throw together some tanks, but have so many unfinished ones of those, that I probably won't. My StuGs have been half painted, and I will post them at some point.

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