Saturday, 25 April 2015

In lieu of attending Salute...

I discovered Salute in 2013 and attended. It was amazing. I also went last year with my then fiance and introduced her to my hobby. It was an important moment for us.

Unfortunately, with deadlines and generally being overworked, I can't attend this year. I will miss out on the PSC deals, as well as investigating various fantasy avenues and possibly picking up some SAGA type miniatures to make some warbands. I also would love to have some Fellowship of the Rings miniatures.

To make myself feel better, while running some errands this morning I popped into the 99p Store. I do not regret it. I saw this garden ornament and thought it would make a good monument or something. It is a little broken on top, but that doesn't matter to me. I might stick some foliage on it or something to make it seem a bit forgotten.

I also popped into The Range and looked at the fishtank decorations. I was looking for plastic plants to chop up, but think I might get that online instead. What I did find, though, was this ruined section of building. It was £2.59 so I went for it. Cheap, easy, and ready to go.

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