Saturday, 11 April 2015

The trouble with washing. (StuGs part 4)

Today the sun is out. It has been out all week, but today I am allowing myself a day of no work. No marking, no lesson planning, no essay preparation. Nothing. I even decided to bust out my paints and make some progress on the StuGs.

I dusted off my German Camo Brown and got to work, however, after a while I decided I would take the plunge and wash one of them. I didn't want to pin-wash, because efforts in that regard have been dismally disappointing. I just thought, I would paint the entire StuG with my Citadel "Weird named Oil" wash. I am not sure what to make of my results.

Something about it just seems off. It doesn't look, to me, like the wash has really pooled around the details. There seem to be large swathes of dried darkness. I will grant that it looks grubby. I just don't know what I was expecting. Maybe it is fine, and I am just over-thinking it. 

What do you guys think?


  1. Hi James. I have done the same thing and not been happy about it. Maybe try a large brush and using the same base colour as the tank, or a buff, lightly dry brush to remove the ink on the larger flat surfaces.

    I would decal first so it the lighter colour seems like weathering.

    Model on!

  2. I haven't had much success with large area washes myself. There seems to be a definite knack to it which I just can't master - yet there are lots of videos on YouTube that make it look easy! Having said all that your photo doesn't make yours look bad - I think you maybe happier once you work more into it as James says.

  3. James, it looks to me as if the wash hasn't flowed properly. Usually you would apply a sealer coat after the base colours before the wash. Various opinions on what works best - some advocate a coat of gloss varnish, others are keen on various floor sealers. And then after the wash you have to matt the whole thing again. I usually don't bother with all this carry on for wargames models. If you want to know more, some good tips here:

    Cheers, Dave