Friday, 21 August 2015

100th Post!

I am not sure how I envisioned my 100th post. Was it goingto be special? Was it just going to come and go unnoticed with pictures of various projects? I don't know. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read this blog, and all those who have inspired me to post and create my own.

This summer, after qualifying as a languages teacher, I was able to relax. I thought I would have time to dust off some projects and get some painting done. I have a bunch of Reaper Minis half done, and also picked up a box of Perry Miniatures 1450-1480 Foot Knights to give myself some generic armoured men to play with. Other events, however, have taken over and I have managed to one quick painting session with my young brother in law (hoping to convert him) and put together one sprue of Foot Knights who remain unpainted.

Do I have photos of this? No.

I also do not see myself getting much else done before term starts in a week and a half. I find this unfortunate as I miss painting. Doubly unfortunate because I have been browsing Ground Zero Games 15mm sci fi miniatures. I feel myself being drawn to them more and more, but again don't have anyone to play with. I have a vision to start a club at school, but don't know how viable that is in terms of trusting them with my miniatures and being able to provide enough terrain.

And so goes my 100th post. The hobby is alive in my heart, but not alive in my actions.


  1. Well done! Blogging is hard (despite what people think) and with other 'real life' pressures finding teh time to do it isn't always easy. So keep at it! ;)

    1. Thanks. I knew teaching would be time consuming, as would having a baby, but them combined has almost wiped out any hobby time. The snippets I get are now normally spent reading some free kindle book.

    2. Oh tel me about it. My wife is a teacher - during term time she's a complete stranger! Which is why I took up making models - How ironic is that! :)