Thursday, 22 October 2015

Clash on the Fringe, first thoughts.

Clash on the Fringe is a PDF Sci Fi rule set that is more of a space adventure game like Star Wars, than hard core wargaming.

I picked up the PDF and have been slowly working my way through it. I don't, however, have any 15mm miniatures, so that is probably what I will start collecting. I would love to do fights on other planets, and have found Khurasan Miniatures who will provide me with my xenomorphs and colonial marines. Time is all I need. Time and money that is.

I haven't touched a miniature since school began, which saddens me greatly. We do, however, have half term this next week, and I intend to paint up a few knights and possibly orcs. I want to get back into my hobby. Last winter, I started building a Normandy house that I never finished, and probably won't finish any time soon, but that project gives me hope that I will be able to spend a few Saturday evenings over the winter painting.

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