Tuesday, 27 October 2015

I took the plunge!

I did it. I opted for  Ground Zero Games 6mm miniatures for my foray into Sci Fi miniature wargaming. Having looked extensively at their 15mm range, and having decided to build up a force of NAC and USMC infantry, I just plumped for the 6mm versions of these guys. It cost me £12 to order a 30 odd NAC infantry, 30 odd USMC infantry and 20 aliens that are meant to be Xenomorphs and possibly Predators too.

A purchase was also made of a bunch of 15mm diameter MDF circular bases, as I want these guys on individual bases for now. That might change, if my rule set preference changes.

I hope to be able to bash these guys out by Christmas so that I can start a wargaming/boardgaming after school club. The only unfortunate thing about that may be the safeguarding implications of posting AARs on this here blog.

More to come.

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