Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Cheap, easy terrain

Having primed the packaging, I just thought I would see what happens if I just apply my Army Painter Quickshade straight to it. I am pleased with the results. It was an experiment, that in my opinion has totally paid off. I can still highlight them with some dry brushing, and could still add some little bits and pieces. I have numbers to add, but want to include doors, ideas for which have been posted on TWW. I am also tempted to print out pictures of doors and see what happens?

Inspired by the Planet Ares 6 blog, I also created a modular interior. This is a 12 inch by 12 inch floor tile. I chopped it into 9 4x4 squares, reversed them and stuck card walls onto them. The walls are card folded in half to give it a bit more substance. I also used some of my 1000 tile spacers to make it a bit more interesting. Since taking these pictures they have been primed and are drying down by the front door. I hope to do some work on them tonight.

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