Thursday, 21 April 2016

Horizon Wars has arrived!

I have been a bit quiet as school has started again, although I do have photos of my completed modular interior terrain.

Over on TWW I have been loosely following the coming forth of this set of combined arms Sci Fi rules that includes the use of mecha. I am not really a huge, huge fan of mecha, but do enjoy the concept of them. However, the price seemed steep for my current standards of wargame rules, and I didn't really know all that much about them.

Then came the playthrough video. I watched a 30 minute video where a game is played to completion and the rules are explained simply. It had me hooked. I pre-ordered there and then, eagerly awaiting release day, the 21st April. Gutted that I couldn't go to Salute due to a wedding, I have watched people opening their rules over Facebook, always jealous that it wasn't me. But today is the day. They arrived! Excitement levels reaching close to 9000, if not exceeding that!  

Image from tabletopgamersuk blog.

Over the past few days I have been quickly marking my books and then priming, basing and putting one coat of paint on some miniatures. I should have enough by the end of the week to field two smallish forces, and genuinely feel that this will actually get my miniatures onto the tabletop. I also need to get my terrain together too. More hills. More trees. 

Of course tonight I have 40 books to mark, 15 of which require me to listen to a sound file, so I won't get to read them much. But such is life.


  1. Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with Horizon Wars!

    1. I just need to finish off my forces so I can get something on the table.