Saturday, 29 September 2018

Some Bench Items

As happens each year, when school starts back up, time disappears. This weekend is the first time I have felt alive enough to want to get the paints out. 

Lolly sticks ready to be turned into hedges/bocage.

I painted up the crew for my two 57mm AT guns. I am already not happy with the fact I stuck the cannon down. I am not sure how exactly to go about painting and basing artillery stands, but that just means I can have a bit of fun researching. I may have already found some information, which will require the purchase of some flock powders.

Khurasan Miniatures not-aliens and not-colonial marines primed and ready. I will be making some Starport Scum stats for these guys. I might also be making some Flying Lead stats seeing as I have some range sticks and feel like using them.

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