Sunday, 10 November 2019

Taking a few more weeks off...

Every week I make a list of the miniature related projects I will make progress on at the weekend. Every weekend I distract myself with other things. Following Blizzcon and the announcement of Diablo IV, I thought I would take the opportunity to actually finish the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion, which I have actually never played. I mean, I have completed the regular old Diablo III campaign as a kick ass monk. But then I bought the expansion a matter of weeks before getting married and putting my gaming computer into storage for a few years. As it happens it works well enough on the laptop so I will finish it over the next few months this time as a crusader sporting my Queen of Blades wings. 

I love miniature painting and wargaming, but in all honesty I am happy about having a little break from it all right now. I think the Christmas holidays will grant me some time and desire to base up and paint some more US infantry. I have what I need now to follow the A Sergeant's War Bocage campaign, I just need to take the time to give it a go. But not right now. Not just yet.

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