Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Lesson in History

When I was younger I had a model railway. We packed it up during school term time and set it up, filling my bedroom, during the school holidays. My Dad built it for us. We filled it with buildings. I also remember playing with my Dad's old WW2 soldiers and vehicles on our railway. At some point my brothers and I started trying our hand at making tanks and painting infantry. They were some woeful attempts. My elder brother was obviously the best. We also tried our hand at wargaming. We used the Airfix Guide #15 WW2 Wargaming rules. I never really got into it though. I felt that we played it wrong with using too many men and tanks, literally throwing all our men onto a small desk, while struggling to keep track of who we had moved before, who was lying down, who was wounded, etc. 

Eventually due to school commitments, not liking the rules, and it being very uncool, I stopped building kits and wargaming. Fast forward 10 years and here we are. I never completely stopped looking for a better rule set. A few piqued my interest, but never got me back into it. Then I stumbled across Crossfire. I joined the yahoo group, browsed it occasionally, searched for the rules to purchase, but couldn't find them. I liked the look of a game without measuring, and this was the first one where the idea of basing figures together didn't scare me. Eventually I found a copy of the rules, read them and decided I would use them when I eventually got back into it.

On an unrelated note, this summer I was clearing out the top of my wardrobe and came across all of our old models. Passion rekindled. I went out and bought an Airfix Sherman, Cromwell, and 25pdr Cannon. Inspired by other blogs on this subject, I intend to hope to give inspiration to fellow inexperienced modelmakers like myself. Will I have tips? I doubt it. Will I need tips? Most certainly. So I will be posting what I make, what I paint, games I play, in the hope that someone out there will see it, see what I have done wrong and advise me on where to improve.

Wish me luck...

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