Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Spoils of War

I was looking on the SHQ website for information about shipping costs. I am trying to build an early Wehrmacht army for some Battle for France games I want to play. I noticed a mention of an event called Warfare 2012, looked it up and was led to the website for the the Wargames Association of Reading. An exhibition for wargaming? Amazing. I can go there and stock up on supplies, minus any postage costs. 

I just returned with these. I am looking forward to seeing more from The Plastic Soldier Company. I hadn't heard of them before today. I picked up these infantry, have opened the box and am intrigued about how they will look fully assembled. Unfortunately, the range of models they had there was a bit limited, meaning they are still working on releasing more products. They sell a box with four Russian AT guns and crews. I came close to buying it, but I don't have any Russians. If they had had a box with some Pak 36s, then I would have been all over that.

I also finally found some good looking Wehrmacht soldiers. They are a mix of SHQ and Britannia miniatures. 


  1. Hey James,
    looks like you had a good time spending some money. The Plastic Soldier models are great in both quality and price and I absolutely love early war settings.


    PS, I just stumbled upon your blog and put it on the blogroll over at my own litte blog. :-)

  2. Good buys! I never knew Pegasus have a 2x Pz 38 in their line! If you want to look up infantry sets before purchasing them, I highly recommend (if you haven't found it yet!).

    Looking forward to seeing some more posts!