Tuesday, 3 December 2013

If I never have to paint another German, I will die happy.

I have decided I do not like Germans. Why did they have to have such an array of multicoloured equipment? To paint these 24 infantry, forming my generic German platoon, it feels like it has taken an eternity. I was faced with other delays too: experimenting with static grass, trying to remember which colours I used on the first batch of infantry, and so forth. But in the end, I have finished them. They are wargame ready. I may well re-base the first group of infantry, you can see a couple mixed in here.

Static grass! I am now a convert. Never again will I need to mix up a tub of various model railway flock to come up with something acceptable. They just look so much better.

Next up is to secure myself a photography tent. Lighting is dreadful at this time of year.

The platoon, in all its glory. I have enough men for three platoons of 12, the maximum in Bold Action. Of course I doubt I will ever field such strength. I am looking to secure myself some of the Battlegroup rules too.

I am very pleased with them. They look great.

Radio team. I don't really have any officer to put in charge. Sad face.

I am loving their bases. I have attached the men to Czech 1 Crown coins.

Next up: Hopefully some Valiant US Infantry, although I am missing a couple of colours, so they are on pause until I can find them. My local Modelzone has closed/is closing. I haven't had a chance to swing by and check if they are open still. They were my primary source for Vallejo.

I also have an Armourfast Firefly half painted, some German armour in need of a spray job, and various other repaints to get on with.


  1. Hey, nice work! But please, continue to like Germans - our early war tanks were just grey, easy to paint!

    1. Oh, German armour is fantastic. I have a few early war tanks, and am making some late war vehicles too. I am just glad I have enough soldiers to tide me over for now. I did just find some Revell German Engineers though...I might paint them up.

  2. Great work James what brand of static grass are you using?

    1. I bought a bag Late Summer blend. The company is called Double O Scenics. I guess this is more for railway use.