Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Operation: Build a Village.

So I have completed my German platoon. I have a serviceable British force, although I may be re-basing them with static grass. All I need now is a butt-tonne (an old imperial measurement somewhere between a butt-load and a heckovalot) of scenery so I can run my own games. 

Part one of this project is to make some buildings. I am experimenting with 5mm foam board for this farm house. Cutting out the doors and windows was a little messy, but I can neaten them up, I imagine. I suppose now I need sand or something for the walls, so a trip to the beach must be planned. I also need to decide on materials for the roof too. 

I have five A4 sheets of 5mm foam board. One has been used for this farmhouse. The others will be used for various other buildings. This should tide me over in terms of having a village to attack/defend.

The next stage will be to figure out how to make good looking bocage in enough quantities to completely cover a table.


  1. A good basis for the house! I recommend fine sand ("birds sand") for the walls. Watch out for balsa wood (coffee stirrers) for the windows and the door. The roof can be easily made out of corrugated fiberboard, cut into strips.

    1. Coffee stirrers ordered, amazon boxes re-purposed. Now to find this magical sand.

    2. Btw: If you want to see what the roofs can look linke, check this out: http://paulsbods.blogspot.de/2013/12/house-of-batiatus.html

    3. That is very interesting. Not what I had imagined. I will see if I can do something like that. I think I have done the coffee stirrers wrong! Oh well.