Monday, 9 December 2013

Last of the Volkssturm

Previously I posted half of the Volksturm I had painted. These men had been bought and roughly painted with enamel paints, before I made the switch. As such I had left them alone while I painted other soldiers completely in acrylic. Having returned from Czech with a bag of small change, I decided to base the remaining men, and bring them up to finish, what with the fantastic looking Battlegroup Fall of the Reich coming out. I painted the Panzerfausts a better colour and then shaded them.

I decided, however, with this group, to base them with grass, instead of rubble. I like them. Luckily I have enough that I hopefully won't have to mix the two groups. Unfortunately, I do not know the suggested unit sizes for Volkssturm in Fall of the Reich...

I am excited to get my hands on those rules.

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