Monday, 6 January 2014

Armourfast Firefly

In my desire to have more armour for my British forces (turns out they didn't use the Sherman 76) I ordered two boxes of Armourfast Fireflies. That should give me enough to mix in with any Cromwells and boring old M4s. I can't see myself needing more than this. 

I like Armourfast. Their models are easy to put together, and you can knock out a few of them very quickly. They are, however, plain. To combat this, I put together some stowage, and wrapped some camouflage netting around the gun. At some point, I will get some British markings, but until then, I will leave it as is.


  1. Nice model! You should add some dirt. Where did you get the storage from?

    1. The picture doesn't give it justice, but I have put dirt on. I haven't ventured into weathering powders though.