Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Ingredients finally sourced.

Inspired, initially by this blog post, I have been trying to hunt down reasonably priced LED tea lights. I have been looking for the best part of a month. Amazon and Ebay all seem quite pricey for what I want them for. I found 3 for £1 on the Poundland website, and 6 packs on ASDA's website. However, they were not in my local branches. I have been on multiple occasions to find them, without success. What does a man have to do, to make burning vehicle markers, and just have fires burning all over the place?

Finally, last night, due to a desperate need for shower gel, I popped into ASDA at around midnight. I had been out, and had needed the RAC to come out and start my car...I don't just go shopping late at night for giggles. On a whim I checked out the candle section...and to my amazement, there they were! In all their glory!!! I picked myself up three boxes, because I don't know when I will see them again, a cheap pillow, and am now ready to get going.

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