Sunday, 2 March 2014

Hedgerow Hell!

I don't have enough hedgerows/bocage. I have a handful of garden hedges, neatly trimmed, nice to look at. But I don't have anything I can cover a table with to represent Normandy, or anywhere with hedgerows lining the roads. This has been a serious problem for me, as it has stopped my ability to host my own games. I feel that if I can cover a table in hedges, I can at least have some sort of skirmish out in the fields. I could then add in some houses, as and when I complete them.

So, over the past few days, I have been experimenting. Here are a few of my failed projects:

This is the sponge of one of those bricks I picked up. I cut it roughly, stuck it to some card, and painted it two colours. The result was very disappointing. I see very little potential here, so left it alone.

This is the first layer of cat litter, stuck onto card. The watered down glue warped the card. Had I based them on wood, or plastic, it may have had more of a future. But as is, I won't be taking this design any further. There was a similar one, with layers of card, but that was also disappointing.

Inspired by this blog post, I decided to try something more substantial. I ran down to B&Q, and picked up some wood. I got some 8mm half doweling, along with, what I believe is D wood. I don't know. I bought 2.4 metres of the stuff, chopped them up, glued them together with PVA. 

On the first two, I just stuck some clumps of cat litter, sprayed them with my hideous, black primer spray (designed for cars...). I quite like the finished product. BUT on the next one, I have attached clumps of cat litter, then coated the whole thing in bird sand. I will be spraying it black in the morning.

These are the two with no bird sand. I dry brushed the cat litter a light grey, painted the whole thing brown, covered it in static grass, and used some woodlands scenic foliage clumps on top.  

 I am very, very pleased with the result. I have found my hedgerows! The plan now is to see how the bird sanded one looks with less grass on it. I want to dry brush it lighter colours and leave some bare patches.

But as it stands, I will be using this as my future recipe. By the end of tomorrow, I will likely have put together just under eight feet of hedgerows/bocage. Ideally I want at least twenty feet. I will probably end up getting two more lots of 2.4 metre sections and just throw it all together by the end of the week.

Roads are next on the list. 


  1. Thank you I think I will follow your example :)

    1. They are pretty simple to make, and fairly cheap. I am glad to be able to share. Also, welcome to the blog!!

  2. Some excellent ideas there - will be using the hedgerow one in the future for sure!

    1. My latest batch have slightly larger bases, but still look acceptable.