Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Teaching Dry-Brushing.

Tomorrow I have an interview for a PGCE (teacher training for those of you in far-away places). Part of the day will be devoted to us demonstrating we have some raw teaching skills. I have to prepare a 10 minute teach on a subject of my choice. They recommend not teaching German or French, but a hobby or interest of mine, to show my true excitement.

I had an idea to teach people how to dry-brush. It is quick, simple, not messy, demonstrates creativity, and I is easily measurable. My students will be able to see their progress. I also think it is something the interviewers will never have seen done before.

So here is a preview. I bought some Armourfast Shermans and T-34s. I need some British Shermans, and more Soviet armour. I have painted them up, and will let my students loose on them tomorrow. I think they will do a decent job of it.

These are the M4A2 shermans, which apparently were used by the British. Although, I am not too picky about that, because a sherman is a sherman is a sherman. Maybe when I get older, I will care more about exact historical accuracy. Apart from quite a large, visible gap between the upper hull and the lower hull, these tanks aren't too bad. They will do as a rush job.

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  1. Best of luck for your interview James. Nice idea about the weathering too!