Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Hedgerow Hell Part 3.

Laziness led me to stop using cat litter on my hedges... that and the disappointment with some of the rocks falling off my first batch. Deciding to omit cat litter has made the process of hedge making faster. I have another six feet that will be finished by tomorrow morning. 

I wanted to show the difference between my first and second batches. Due to my own decision not to write my recipe down, I accidentally bought the wrong base size. As you can see, it is thicker. This has made for some wider hedges.

I am still very pleased with them though, and they don't look too bad when lining a road.


  1. You bring up a very good point about blogging. I know I don't have that many regular readers on my modelling blog anyway but I have made a habit of posting stuff which is just for me - 'recipes' for techniques so I don't forget. As a beginner I do experiment a lot and sometimes I come across a great technique or look quite by accident, so it's good to post up a 'note to myself' so I can look back and see how it's done. Sometimes my readers must think I'm a bit mad as I'm obviously talking to myself! :D --- Your hedgerows look great and I'll be making some myself based on your recipe! Thanks.

    1. I am probably the person who reads my own blog the most too. It is just a great place to post pictures of outcomes, and then have right there the process of painting, or making. Take my StuGs for example, here we will see first hand what pin washing is like. I have never done it, but want to give it a try. I had previously been dry-brushing over a black undercoat, which left some detail. But it was all a bit messy.

      The next stage with hedges is trying to make curved sections...