Sunday, 13 April 2014

Salute 2014 Haul.

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft a-gley. This seems apt, because things did not go to plan on Saturday. Yes, I still made it to Salute. No things didn't go exactly as I had thought. The original Salute 2014 plan had been to join the queue and get in for 10am, pick up the goodie bag, spend a couple of hours there and get back to Westham for my brother's birthday party. Life, as always, threw a wrench into the works. Due to procrastination, oversleeping, and a hearty fry up breakfast, I didn't leave for the Excel until 11:45am. I arrived to find no goodie bags left, meaning I don't have the 2014 dice, or the figure.

BUT, my fiance came with me, which meant a lot. I got to expose her a little more to my hobby. She was surprised at how many people were into it. She was also surprised to learn that we follow rule books for games, and don't just line our soldiers up and make shooty noises.

I came away with:

  • Armourfast StuH 42s
  • PSC 6 Pounders and Loyd Carriers
  • Pegasus KV 1s for Barbarossa
  • Valiant German Paratroopers, which I am having fun putting together right now.
  • Some sort of Meadow Green Mat from the Arcane Scenery bargain bucket.
The next thing I need to pile up on is StuG IIIs. I think I need about six of them to start with.

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