Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Home-made Dice Tray.

For a while I have been wanting a dice tray. It seems to be the next step to being a true gaming fan. Having looked for ones to buy, I thought that it seems pretty expensive for what it is. You can get them for £20-£50, which seems outrageous. I then googled some home-made solutions, and found some easy fixes. 

The white, deep frame cost me £3.50. The black felt is from a packet of ten A4 sheets that cost me £2. I glued the felt down with a large bottle of £1 PVA glue. The most time consuming part of the process was removing the stuff from the back of the frame. There were two hooks for hanging it on the wall. I was able to simply poke these off through the wood. I used a screwdriver to do that. The stand part was more difficult. I snapped all of the wood off, leaving a hinge. I was able to open that up and just pry out the joints. It took about half an hour, maybe.

I then cut down the felt, put down a bit of glue, and stuck it on. I just put the back of the frame in, pin it down with those things, and voila: dice tray complete. Very cheap, looks good, will serve me well.