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Battle for Adonis part 2: Return Engagement. Horizon Wars Battle Report.

The Quansec probing attack had cleared the settlement. They did not do it fast enough to prevent the Hysys commander from calling for reinforcements, but they did it. In fact, they advanced further to try to control a larger settlement that would provide a greater strategic opportunity. They now had control of two settlements with hydroponics facilities. Should they get cut off in the system, they should be able to sustain themselves for a prolonged period of time.

Hysys command cannot allow this to happen and with the reinforcements finally on the scene, they are moving to reclaim the larger settlement. The scenario is a Deliberate Attack, but I am not using any hidden deployment. I could create a dice mechanism for revealing hidden deployment (1-6 a unit is there, 7-12 the unit is not there, thus in another spot), but decided against it. I will just try to be impartial with myself. If the defenders (Quansec) have four or more active units on the field at the end of turn 2 then they have successfully delayed the attack. If they have 2 or fewer then they lose. 

P2 Mech, CHQ 
P2 Light Cav x3
P1 Light Inf x3

P1 Light Mech x2 (one is the CHQ)
P2 Light Cav x3
P1 Light Inf x3

Two infantry elements were occupying the buildings in the settlement while the CHQ mech and a supporting infantry element were waiting on the outskirts ready to respond to threats. A platoon of cavalry were approaching and would arrive shortly. The Hysys commander split his force into three. She sent the CHQ mech with two infantry elements to tie down the forces in the settlement, meanwhile the other mech and a cavalry unit would sweep around the flank to provide a deadly crossfire. Two cavalry and an infantry unit were held back just in case.

The Hysys commander, in what may have been a bad move, sent her flanking forces up first. The cavalry and the mech advanced, with the cavalry going around the power station and the mech advancing straight ahead. Long range shots were exchanged with the Quansec mech and the infantry unit assigned to it. No real damage was dealt.

Likewise the force on the right advanced as rapidly as possible to close distance on the settlement and to find some cover. Shots were exchanged, damage was dealt, but no real casualties were suffered. One of the Quansec infantry elements dug into their building, a move which would prove useful, whereas the most forward unit neglected to do this, a move that would be their undoing.

In turn two, the un-dug-in infantry exchanges fire with the advancing Hysys infantry, dealing damage, but also being dealt damage. Most of the damage was taken to the movement.

Meanwhile on the left flank the cavalry charges the infantry unit holed up along the pipeline. It was a ruinous attack with the infantry being slaughtered. On a game note, they actually drew the roll, and I couldn't be bothered to check what happens in the event of a draw so I just rerolled them both. Maybe that would have changed the shape of the game. As it stood, the Quansec flank was crumbling so they needed help.

Thankfully the cavalry quite literally saved the day. They arrived and poured down fire on the mech, forcing it's driver to make some decisions as to what to engage. It started shooting it out with the cavalry in an attempt to stop their successful attack.

Other fire was exchanged, with damage being dealt. Now, the game was last night, and I am not sure what this picture is of. It can't be the end of turn one, because I had no reinforcements arrive. It can't be the end of turn 2 because Quansec would have won as they have more than 4 units on the table. But all of the units have two action counters. I am quite confused now.

Hysys infantry have occupied a building in the settlement and by the looks of things have destroyed the Quansec unit that was opposite. That must have been some close-range fire ripping the dwellings to shreds.

Hysys cavalry laying down fire into the flanks of the Quansec mech. This fire was quite ineffective.

The arrival of a final cavalry unit meant the death of the enemy mech. They managed to bring it down in flaming glory. This left the flank quite secure and gave the Hysys forces a real problem as they needed to destroy more units but would probably be unable to reach these three before the end of the second turn.

The two remaining mechs exchange some long range fire with the only undefended crit of the game. They were tearing each other apart, but were both somehow functional after the firefight.

The game ended with the remaining Hysys forces unable to dislodge the mech and infantry from the edge of the settlement. They would also have to worry about being flanked by the Quansec cavalry if they stayed around more. Even with the help of two units of cavalry reinforcements they were unable to win quickly enough. Quansec had successfully defended for long enough.

I will need to think about what happened more, but it was a really fun game this time. You can absolutely feel a difference between P7 and P11 forces. The game lasted about an hour, but there were just so many more tactical options.

I think I want to finish painting the miniatures before I play further games, and I have the half term holiday in which to do this. I suppose we will see. I also want to play a different scenario this time. I might just make some up, with objectives to capture.

The Battle for Adonis is will underway.

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