Saturday, 14 May 2016

Friday night is terrain night.

Upturned yoghurt pots, Toffifee packaging, plug protectors and the other terrain I made months ago that has been languishing in a state of half finishedness. Last night my wife visited her friend and my daughter went to bed without incident. So I busted out my terrain, my Armypainter Quickshade, and a brush I don't care about. 

I feel like the quickshade is on its way out. It seems thicker than normal and has a constant layer of hardness over it. But we shall see.

Here we have some bunkers/power generators/even landing pads I suppose. They are just yogurt pots, primed and painted grey and then I stuck some numbers on. They will do.

Below is a Toffifee thing. You pop them out and eat them. I got this for Christmas and immediately saw its potential. It is some sort of hydroponics facility. One must still eat, even on hostile planets.

These are my oil pipelines. I can have a line go the length of a table now.

Various buildings and sci-fi looking things for building a colony.

Not sure what this will be.

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