Saturday, 24 September 2016

6mm Panzergrenadiers.

Colours gave me the chance to purchase some 6mm WW2 miniatures. Tonight, before I leave for Germany for a week (4:45am coach) I managed to paint up some Panzergrenadiers.

I have never painted in strips before, so this was new for me and I think it was faster than painting them based. I will be basing them three figures to a stand (probably 2p coins) which will give me the flexibility for them to represent an entire squad, platoon, or to use three of them to be an entire squad. Anyway, it took me just over an hour to paint these. I am not sure how I feel about them, and I now realize I forgot to paint their boots.

I painted flesh, uniform, helmets, wood (should have done shovel handles), gunmetal, then the webbing. I cheekily touched up the flesh with the desert yellow of the canteens and webbing.

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