Monday, 5 September 2016

Back to School.

Tis that time again. After a summer being spent with my wonderful wife and daughter, I find myself back at work, back in the routine. This will mean a significant drop off of hobby activity. The next seven weeks will be full on, and I don't expect to get a huge amount done in terms of painting new miniatures.

I am hoping to get in some Friday night adventures in, complete the saga of Rhoro Tharik and begin a new campaign. I also want to get the wargaming club going at school, but do not know how much I can blog about that here. That club will involve playing other games including the old OOP Star Wars Miniatures, Star Wars Pocket Models and Pirates of the Spanish Main. If any show interest in X Wing miniatures I will also provide space for that.

For now though, I will be creating characters for the upcoming campaign, and may get a chance to paint a handful of other miniatures.

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