Monday, 30 March 2020

WW2 Campaign Part 2: The forces

The forces have been decided. Miniatures have been inspected and sorted out.

The defenders:

1 Company of German Infantry, consisting of the following:

Company HQ
3x Platoons of infantry (4 squads of 4 men + 3 LMG teams + 4 Leaders)
2x Attached HMG teams
2x Panzer Shreck teams
1x Pak 40
1x StuG Zug (3x StuG IIIs)


1 US infantry battalion with some armoured support.

3x Companies consisting of 3x Platoons (4 squads of 5 men + 3 BAR teams + 1 Bazooka)
1x Sherman 76
5x Regular M4s
1x M10 Tank Destroyer

Outnumbered and outgunned the Wehrmacht company will attempt to stop the US from cutting off the escape of German forces defending the town to the west.

My miniature situation makes it clear that I can only field a platoon of German infantry + another squad at any one time. With the US infantry I can field two understrength platoons. This might flop.

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