Friday, 8 March 2013

Jagdpanthers... Jagdpanthers everywhere.

A few weeks ago I was perusing my local model shop and found they had Revell Jagdpanthers available for half price. I have German infantry, painted to be used early war, but are also generic enough that I can pass them off as mid war too, until I paint up my PSC Germans. I don't, however, have any late/mid war armoured support for them. Or at least none that has been made in the past ten years. I have some appalling Stug IIIs and other vehicles in a box somewhere. So I decided to get one.

I am happy with the details of this model. I like how she looks. BUT... I faced the bane of my nightmares...

INDIVIDUAL TRACK LINKS!!!!! WHY? WHY?! I had huge troubles with these. On the first side, I actually ran out of links, and there was a gap big enough for one more. I hoped that I could steal it from the other side. So I was very careful on the second side and tried to line things up better. This time there was no gap, but there was also no spare link. I had to steal it from the spare ones attached to the side. I swore to myself I would never buy one again. So what If I only have one Jagdpanther on its own? I will just use her in smaller games, away from her unit.

But then today, I was browsing again, looking for a bargain. Boy did I find one! 75% off!! My heart sank as I knew I would be forced to buy two of these. This way I will have three models and will be able to represent a squadron/platoon/company of Jagdpanthers depending on the rules I am playing. I slowly picked two out, tucked them under my arm and took them to the counter. Upon handing them over the helpful customer assistant informed me that there was a "buy two get a third free" deal on this particular kit.

The rest is what you might call, history...


  1. Wow, that's a lot of tracks my friend! Try not to do them all within the same month, you'll lose your mind.

    Don't worry about them being crooked, they are still light years past my attempts at Revell tracks.

    1. I may just store them away and use them as gifts. Now I just have to convince my brother to get back into the hobby!