Saturday, 9 March 2013

Panther Refurb.

So I think this post establishes that I am really bad at taking "before" pictures. I mean, why take photos of badly made, and even more badly painted models, right? Well, for this Airfix Panther, built over 10 years ago by my younger brother, it would have been great.

When I unearthed it one of the front cogs(?!) had broken off, and the main gun was in two pieces. I decided to use the tank as an experiment for camo netting. The method I used here is not the one I will end up doing in the future. I used an actual roll of bandaging which proved to be too thick. I also used Red Bush tea, the leaves of which are almost more like little splinters of wood as opposed to leaves. It still looks acceptable, but proved very difficult to paint. You can probably still see bits of white where I couldn't sink paint deep enough.

I also had to use my little drill (for the first time ever!!!) to insert a pin to keep the driving cog properly attached. 

The camo netting around the main gun nicely hides the join where I reattached it.

This is the first time I have tried to to this sort of camouflage. I will improve with practice, but am pretty happy with it for now.    

All in all, she looks quite formidable. I really like how she turned out, but it should be noted that I didn't actually build her. So I didn't have to deal with the fact that the Airfix Panther is meant to be a horrible build. 


  1. Wonderful work James, can hardly tell that it's a refurb.


    1. Thanks. I have to admit, I think I prefer refurbishing old models to making ones out of the box.

  2. Like that camo effect - nice :)

    1. I will definitely be doing it again. It just looks so much better than plain blobs of colour (in my opinion).