Friday, 8 March 2013

US Infantry try outs

I was sick of painting Brits. I finished all my early war Wehrmacht too. My Japanese infantry are done and boxed away. I have a bunch of armour in various states of finish, but none that I could be bothered to work on. So I went to the boxes of old infantry and decided I wanted to try out painting up some US infantry. I don't really need them: my Brits will suffice in any western front engagement I feel like playing, and my Japanese need to be fighting men of the USMC (of which I have about 30 white metal figures, I just don't want to paint them yet). But I just thought, what the hell! So I looked online at paint schemes and got the paints I felt worked best. I only painted a handful though, in case I didn't like how they turned out.

Unfortunately, in my haste to finish them, I didn't actually finish them! The officer's binoculars were meant to be black, and his holster was meant to be leather. I just missed them out. Upon seeing the second photo, it seems like the rifleman has something in his hand and I just painted it a flesh tone. Oops.

But I am happy with them, and will continue painting more. I may experiment with snow bases.

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