Monday, 22 April 2013

Another Salute 2013 blog entry!

I asked for the Saturday off in order to come to Salute. My request was accepted. I then proceeded to plan out how best to do it. I didn't feel like driving into London on the Marathon weekend, nor did I really want to get the train... I could have driven, and parked at my brother's house, very close to the ExCel centre, but again, the London Marathon kept scaring me from doing that.

I then discovered that on Friday night, the Farnborough Wargames club meets. I have friends in that city, so thought I could attend the club, stay over, and get the train in from closer, thus being cheaper. The problem was, to avoid parking at the station, I would need a lift. My lift would then be travelling to Watford for a performance of a show, and couldn't get me back to my car. It was all a bit of a pa lava (I have never had to write that word before...). I ended up just driving with my friend into Watford, and using public transport to travel right across London, and back again to get to her show. This meant I didn't arrive at Salute until about 2pm, afraid that I had lost my chance at filling my shopping list. To be fair, it was only a short shopping list (PSC Russian and German infantry support weapon sets).

I arrived and was handed a bag. A quick glance showed a magazine, and I thought nothing more of it. I went on to shop and admire the games going on. I lingered a little bit at the Battlegroup Overlord beach game, and admired the other Battlegroup board. I couldn't bring myself to buy the rules though, as I play barely enough as it is. 

In the end, this was my final haul:

I only have one Panzer IV, so thought I would bulk up my numbers. I also have no Allied tank destroyers, so got some Achilles to go with my Brits. I will need a lot of stowage to bring these Armourfast kits to life though, and, inspired by another modeller's blog, I will be cutting out the bottom of the turret as much as I can (read: dare) in an effort to make them look better too.

Upon arrival home (Sunday night) I unpacked all of my gear, and tipped out the Salute bag. To my surprise, a sprue fell out with the Salute figure (I thought it was awarded to pre-ordered tickets only) and a die. I love dice: collect them even, so the more special edition dice I get my hands on, the better. This one will be kept with my collection of Gencon 2012 dice.


  1. Nice little haul there mate. The Armourfast Achilles is definitely on the 'basic' side. I probably have some links I could hunt up on tarting them up a bit if you are looking for any more ideas / inspiration...

    Cheers, Dave

    1. I won't turn down free help with my models. Link away, good Sir!

    2. OK. I am assuming you have probably already seen the stuff Paul (plasticwarriors) and Jacksarge have blogged on this subject. Here's a few others I had in mind:

      Also M10 link with good info on doctoring the turret floor etc:

      Cheers, Dave